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Working with bloggers

Selection and complex cooperation with bloggers

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It is a tool for promoting a brand, product or service with the help of opinion leaders (influencers).
This type of promotion does not require targeted advertising or traffic transfer from other platforms. There is only your business and the influencer who will advertise products or services. The audience of opinion leaders is loyal to them, so people listen to their recommendations, following them.

The main advantage of influencer marketing is access to a specific audience that is interested in your product. You communicate with them with the help of an intermediary who this target audience trusts to.

Black SMM has an Influencer Marketing department. How does it work?

‣ We draw up a detailed collaboration plan and an offer which will bring the desirable results.

‣ We offer a consultancy (duration of which is an hour) with a specialist (if it is required).

‣ We sign a cooperation agreement with the main points of work.
As a result, you get:
Advertising of a product/service with 3-5 bloggers where there are:
2 advertisements on barter basis;
2-3 advertisements on commercial basis.
A table with all the influencers who have agreed to cooperate with you (15-30 people), checklists and a script for working with them.
Report on the work done in this field.
Recommendations on the further expediency of using the communication.
> 15000 covered profiles and >1000 clicks from the advertisement
Наше сотрудничество принесет реальный результат, измеряемый в точных цифрах.
• Selection of influencers who are ideal for advertising according to the specific parameters.

Communication with previous blogger's advertisers (statistics request on the experience of working with him).

• Creation of an audience scenario (script) for advertising (several stages are included, that is announcement, integration, finishing).

• Advertising statistics collection taken from the opinion leader.

• Analysis and comparison of bloggers among each other.

• Advertising on public pages of the target audience (if it is necessary).
Agency services cost from 300 dollars
Analysis of bloggers' advertisement and evaluation of integrations which were on the account.

• Selection of the most suitable candidates and distribution of our offer.

• Communication with influencers where analysis of terms and conditions of business, statistics request of the account and integrations are taken into account.

• Analysis of the opinion leaders' statistics + analysis of the target audience in the account. Communication with the blogger (proposal of our offer, clarification of free dates (time slots) for integration).

A commercial offer on working with bloggers
The amount of the media budget is discussed individually depending on the features of the product/service.
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