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Case: Ananta Medicare

Complex management and promotion of a pharmaceutical company
Performance period is from: 08.2021 — 10.2021
Our agency has developed a unique page visual
◦ Increasing awareness of specific medicinal preparations

◦ Informing the consumers about the quality of medicinal preparations and the importance of taking care of their health

◦ Increasing sales of medicinal preparations to pharmacists and pharmacies (B2B)
What is done:
• We have developed and implemented an SMM strategy

• We have conducted a domain-specific (subject) photo session to fill the profile with content

• We have developed and implemented a target strategy for launching advertising campaigns with the goals of "reach" and "brand awareness"

• Also, we have developed and implemented a strategy on engaging techniques in posts/Stories

• We have conducted two big giveaway events to increase engagement and analyze the audience

• We have developed a brand ToV
Profile visual
We have created a visual conception taking into account the selected promotion goals which include:
- brand recognition
- detuning from competitors.

We have analyzed the competitors' accounts and the target audience in order to understand which visual would work the best in this niche. The decision was made to take minimalist photos with a futuristic twist.

After having analyzed the competitors' work, we concluded that all accounts in this niche used the same type of visual.

In order to increase the recognition of our page, the specialists have conducted a domain-specific (subject) photo session taking into account the developed visual conception.
Our team knows how to solve the most difficult tasks for your promotion, starting from strategy development to its production.
Advertising banners
To create advertising banners we thoroughly analyzed the target audience for each medicinal preparation and other pharmaceutical campaigns.

After the analysis we concluded that in advertising it is necessary to use a photo of the medicinal preparation itself, associations as well as a portrait of the target audience.

The rules for advertising medicines became one more feature in making the creatives. Therefore, on each banner we used the inscription "Self-treatment can be harmful to your health."
Targeted advertising
• Work strategy has been developed

• We have carried out work before the launch of advertising activities for medicinal preparations to eliminate blocking (collection of documents and sending them to Facebook technical support)

• Planning and distribution of the media budget

• Analysis of the target audience - Development of visuals and triggers in the directions which were chosen for advertising

• Working with outreach and engagement advertising companies to increase brand awareness and enhance brand credibility

• Two big giveaway events on Instagram account have been launched.
With the help of advertising activity we have managed to increase the brand awareness.

During the performance period we have carried out a deep analysis of the niche, competitors, each advertised direction, the target audience and the techniques of interaction with it. The best bundles for further ad scaling have been selected, too.
Interaction cost is
Cost Per Click (CPC) is
7 017
The number of clicks from ads is
The number of new subscribers is
87 962
Reach is
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