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Case: Іchnya
Complex management of Instagram and Facebook platforms for a condensed milk producer
Performance period is from 04/06/2020 till present.
The growth of subscribers amounted to more than 13,000 people.
SMM tasks are the following:
◦ Increasing brand awareness of Ichnya and MamaMilla

◦ Sales of condensed milk for B2B from 6 packs

◦ To increase engagement and the number of followers on Instagram and Facebook pages
What is done:
As Ichnya is an all-Ukrainian brand, it was decided to promote it on Instagram and Facebook.
The target audience of these platforms is completely different, from age to interests. Therefore, all the work was carried out taking into account the characteristics of the target audience.

• We have developed and implemented an SMM strategy for pages on Instagram and Facebook taking into account the specifics of the target audience on both sites (platforms)

• We have developed a unique visual concept for page management

• We have recorded shooting scripts, selected references and models

• We have developed and implemented competitive publications

• We have selected and conducted communication with major Ukrainian brands for further collaboration

• In Stories we have used tests, opinion polls and recipes for greater engagement

• We have developed and implemented such engagement techniques as games, puzzles, riddles and recipes.

• Thus, we have increased engagement on the pages

• We have selected and conducted communication with bloggers and opinion leaders.

Profile visual
We have created a visual conception taking into account the goals of the promotion:
- brand recognition;
- detuning from competitors.

To achieve our goals, we have analyzed the competitors' accounts and the target audience and also developed the very visual which will work in this niche. The result is a unique design (design registration) combined with brand photos.

In order to highlight our brand and thereby increase its awareness, we have held a subject (domain-specific) photo session taking into account the developed visual conception.
Our team knows how to solve the most difficult tasks for your promotion, starting from strategy development to its production.
The task of advertising
◦ Increasing brand awareness on social media

◦ Increasing the number of subscribers

◦ Increasing user activity and engagement on Instagram and Facebook pages
What is done:
• Constant updating of the project strategy basing on the results for pages on Instagram and Facebook

• Development of new banners and texts in accordance with the general concept of profiles

• Launching advertising campaigns with the goals "Traffic" on Facebook and Instagram pages to increase the audience

• Regular post promotion to increase activity in profiles

• Managing traffic to regular competitive techniques on Instagram and Facebook profiles • Development of a strategy for the wholesale production.
Advertising banners
The main emphasis in the visual style was made on brand recognition. Due to the close-up of the product in most of the profile photos, the visitor recognizes the product without even visiting the page.

The color palette is harmoniously built from the brand red colour (house red colour) combined with blue, beige/pink and white. Sometimes green or another seasonal color (mint leaves, etc.) can be interspersed.

Such a bright combination of colors is easy to remember and has a positive effect on brand recognition. High-quality motion animation enhances this effect.
During the performance period (a year and a half of work (1,5 years)) the number of subscribers increased by 600 (that is 13 thousand people) on Instagram and by 1 thousand people (that is 14 thousand people) on Facebook.

Average growth of subscribers is — > 700 per month on both platforms

Throughout the entire period of work, ER is kept at the level of 7% on Instagram and Facebook

Average monthly reach on Instagram and Facebook is — > 190,000

Negotiations are regularly held to receive a tick of official profile verification
>130 000
Monthly reach is
>13 000
The number of new followers on Instagram is
>12 500
The number of new followers on Facebook is
>3 850$
06.04.2020 - till present
Performance period is from
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