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Audit. Consultancy. Business owner training

15-year experience in marketing
Individual class selection for your business
The service includes audit, consultancies and training
About the service. The consulting is necessary if the owner has a desire to manage social networks independently.

You don't have to buy marketing courses and test different ways of promotion on your own. Black SMM Agency specialists have 15-year experience in marketing, so we can provide you with working links, techniques and offers for your business.
About the service
• Recommendations on the implementation of prepared solutions

Studying the audience for targeted advertising

• Assistance in the selection of visual design

• Recommendations on filling your page in social networks

• Answers to the client's list of questions

• Analysis of the results of done actions

• Calculation of unit economics

• Calculation of investment marginality

• Finding points of growth and scaling through social networks

• Performance efficiency tracking
• Collection and analysis of data on the company's activities

• Studying your business and niche in general

• Briefing

• Definition of cooperation goals

• Analysis of directions and existing offers

• Recommendations on niches in which you can try to develop a business

• Selection of new offers which work with 100% guarantee

• Preparing solutions that can be implemented with the help of social networks
How does the consulting work?
Who it can suit to in the following cases
• When a product or service enters a new market

• In the absence of business development

• If you have not used social networks in business

• If social networks do not bring results

• Marketers who want to expand their area of expertise

• Business owners who want to control contractors

• Full-time SMM-specialists who need to have a piece of advice & consultancy
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