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Instagram feed design. Motion design and animation. Advertising banner design

>500 high performance advertising banners per month
Packing 50 social media profiles every month
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The most effective graphic design ensures that your profile will stand out and you will get noticed among other competitors
Concept development of the tape in the same style

• Selection of photos and creation of a mood board

• Development of a concept based on the brand book of the brand

• Selection of fonts

• Making highlights for the design of the tape

• Photo retouching
Instagram feed design
Screenplay and storyboard

• Shooting and retouching photo / video materials for the video

•Text animation (titles, subtitles, lowerthirds and other types of text in video)

• Animation of graphic elements

• Background sound for video: SFX and sound recording made by a presenter (speaker)

• Video color correction
Motion design & animation
Development of advertising taking into account all the requirements of the Facebook policy • Search and photo retouching

• Creation of a color scheme in accordance with the brand identity

• Selection of fonts and placement of selling triggers

• Harmonious construction of text and visual component
Advertising banner design
Promotion in social networks is a mission that should be entrusted to a team of real professionals.
Advertising banner design
When you develop a visual concept for advertising (ad placement) in the Instagram feed, it is important to keep in mind the core concept of the brand. The main colors, shades (nuances) and a background should be harmoniously combined in accordance with the developed visual of the brand. The setting of the logo, text and a directional copy should be harmoniously combined in the feed. Being attractive visually is the goal which we successfully achieve with each banner.

Capturing attention just for 15 seconds is our main goal when we design banners in Stories format. The horizontal format requires right accents: color scheme and fonts, text for easy reading, a recognizable & noticeable brand logo and a trigger that will definitely 'hit' and get the client.

Attracting attention, we offer to get acquainted more closely with the brand or services. The harmony of the visual and catchy text always works. We know how to make your ads not be scrolled through.
When we develop a concept for an account, we select references. This move at the beginning of the project helps avoid a lot of edits in the future. The customer immediately sees the images and understands what style the profile will be designed in.

Compositionally, the tapes are not overloaded, they look stylish and trendy. We do not create a template and banal design. Development is carried out individually for each brand. The target audience of the product / service, the value and authenticity are taken into account, too.

Moreover, we take pictures & have shooting if it is necessary. It includes the selection of references, locations and models. We are present at the shooting and coordinate all organizational moments.
We carry out a full range of turnkey work, from script/storyboard to sound recording made by a presenter (speaker) and SFX.

Thanks to motion design, while developing a video you can do a good work by having even limited amount of content. For example, the video for 'The Mars 2050' board game was designed using the box from the game and a logo file.

In the process of making the video we put the main idea and concept into it. The last points are easy to be read and understood with the help of a short video. Having the limited time, the motion design quickly provides the audience with information, and people understand it, too, in return, due to the clear and concise content.

People like cool and trendy videos but not the very banal text. It is another plus for the motion design.
Presentation of the Instagram graphic concept for the GoodGame cyberclub page
Presentation of the book "Ukraine from ancient times to the present" published by Ranok
Promotional video for the board game "MARS 2050"
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