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Case: GoodGame
Complex management and promotion of premium cyberspace
Performance period is from 01.2021 till 08.2021.
The number of subscribers is 1410.
◦ Recruitment of subscribers, development of an image and a unique approach to project management, engagement of subscribers to the page and retention through relevant content

◦ Filling free places and time slots in cyberspace, increasing awareness of space among the target audience, maintaining engagement on the page

◦ Promoting a piece of news about the opening of cyberspace.
What is done:
• Creation of unique and relevant content for target audience

• Promotion of the contest for the recruitment of subscribers together with HyperX

• Implementation of a communication strategy, streaming of advantages over competitors

• Analysis of statistics and use of the most effective content

• Creation and testing of scripts, promotions, pre-sales, additional giveaways to increase awareness and interest of the target audience in the product and the brand as a whole.
Profile visual:
The client gave clear requirements regarding the visual style of the feed: colors, images, graphic elements and layout of texts with fonts. Our specialists have thoroughly studied the Guide-line and brought the feed to the ideal ratio of engaging topics and branded visuals (visual row).

We have used publications from the feed and separate advertising banners that are pretty understandable and which serve as a trigger for the target audience. We have also focused on a recognizable brand style and the emotional feature of the game in the best gaming space.
Our team knows how to solve the most difficult tasks for your promotion, starting from strategy development to its production.
Advertising banners
In advertising we have focused on three directions. They are the giveaway, subscription and internal actions to perform a targeted action that is to come and try out the most powerful computer equipment in Kharkiv-city.

We had to take into account the corporate identity of the brand and the visual elements that made GoodGame stand out very much against the competitors.

After having analyzed the niche of computer games, we have found out that the most popular tournament games are shooters which are CS GO and Fortnite. We used the most recognizable images of them in the advertising.

We have also focused on the images of HyperX computer headsets in the giveaway advertisement creating bright and dynamic video creatives just like in popular computer games.
What is done in advertising
• We have formed a loyal brand community in 3 groups: the target audience from 16 to 20 years old with gaming interests, from 21 to 25 years old with interests in games and leisure, from 25 to 45 years old with interests in games and business.

• We have involved such advertising goals as Traffic, Reach, Engagement, Brand Awareness with testing of the most effective ones.

• By promoting publications and stories with a contest from HyperX, we were able to generate a lot of traffic of the target audience to the Instagram landing page

• We have developed more than 15 offers but after the tests we left only two of them which were the most understandable to our audience

• We have developed response scripts in Direct for better conversion of targeted requests
Average cost per card application is
The number of loyalty card applications is
The best subscriber price is
1 410
The number of subscribers is
01.2021 — 08.2021
Performance period is from
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