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Photoshoot (photography). Video for advertising

We shoot content for brands every day.
We visualize complex creative solutions
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We visualize complex creative solutions
• Selection of references

• Selection of the location

• Selection of models

• A photo session with the duration of 1 hour

• 20 retouched photos

• Creating an Instagram feed visual (20 posts)

You will get all the sources (origins) from the shooting and retouching of 20 photos
• Image/advertising video about your company, product or service (30-60 seconds)

• Development of the script and concept of the video

• Organization of the shooting process and the video shoot itself

• Video editing

• Post-production (color correction and graphics)
Video for advertising
Online business has no other resources but the very content to keep the consumer interested.
A premium segment brand with the latest cosmetics development technologies, all these things were taken into account during the development of the concept. We have completely moved away from the classic presentation of cosmetics in accounts, we decided not to use beige tones and we made a decision to make the brand visually distinctive and memorable. Therefore, we have chosen a dark concept with muted natural tones, and the emphasis was on the video format and complex work with light. We have also combined studio shooting with models and a conceptual subject field.
While developing the visual concept, we wanted to convey as much color as possible, show the brand bright and luscious but at the same time we had a desire to show it stylish and 'not overloaded' making it at ease. The project became the center of creativity for us, the customer was ready for experiments and strange ideas. So undoubtedly, we jumped at this opportunity. A huge amount of props, studio colored lights, tape packaging and incredibly intense shooting days.
The project has become a challenge for us. We have talked with the client for a long time, and we have made 3 completely different visual concepts. The choice was made and it became the most complex and distinctive from the competitors concept. Subject field + studio shooting with models. And here it is, we have actual dark visual and trendy blue colour combined with the green one.
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