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It is a medical center in Kharkiv city.
Conversion from application to entry is 55%.

Performance period is from 06.2020 till present.
◦ Recognizability of the medical center in Kharkiv city

◦ Search for clients for medical center's services

◦ Social media engagement
What is done:
• A strategy for the presence of a medical center has been developed.

• Visuals for all directions have been designed.

• Banners were drawn, texts for the main advertising offers were written.

• A unique visual concept for social networking has been created.

• Conversions to the site in order to receive applications for each direction have been launched.

• Advertising goals, lead generation and messages have been tested.
Advertising banners:
Advertising banners were/are designed in the colors of the brand book.

During the period of cooperation different marketing approaches in the development of visuals have been used. Different approaches have worked in different ways. To increase the loyalty and doctors' recognition, we used photos of doctors on banners. Bright creative visuals with unique triggers were used to attract attention and provide with good clickability.

During the period of work we have carried out a deep analysis of the niche, competitors' analysis, each advertised direction, the target audience, the techniques of interaction with it, the best bundles for further scaling advertising were selected, too.

Due to the advertising goals, lead generation and conversions we managed to attract new customers that were converted into repeat visits to specialists.

To increase activity in social networks, engaging techniques and live streams with doctors were used, promoters of selling posts were launched, too.

• Increasing the number of followers and increasing activity on Instagram account.

• We have increased the awareness of the medical center in Kharkiv city and the percentage of doctors' workload.

Conversion from an application (request) to entry (appointment) is
The number of new loyal customers is
The number of targeted consultation requests is
>40 000
Monthly Reach is
06.2020 — till present.
Performance period is from
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