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Case: Crutter Burs
Complex management of Instagram and Facebook platforms for the Ukrainian brand of dental burs
Performance period is from 03.2021 till 09.2021.
The number of sales is 186.
Average selling price is $6.
◦ Acquaintance of the CRUTTER brand and products

◦ Increasing awareness & recognition and increasing trust in the brand and Ukrainian production (manufacturing)

◦ Increasing the number of applications for the sale of burs online through social networks and the website
What is done:
• A unique visual concept for the account has been developed

• To introduce the brand to the target audience we used game and competitive techniques and then we kept the audience with engagement tools.

• The 'sales funnel' strategy using offers in the feed and Stories has been developed and implemented

• Regular collaborations with dental bloggers (dentists who are our target audience)

Profile visual
In the visual style we used geometry and product close-ups. Basing on our analysis, such content were the most effective of all in practice and had the best impact on increasing in demand and broadcasting the image.

Photos which showed the coating, shape and markings of the burs in close up were the most engaging for the target audience. Thus, we were able to create a combination of the effective and image content without neglecting the engagement techniques.
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Targeted advertising
Our main tasks were sales, increasing engagement in accounts and brand awareness in the market.

Acquaintance with the brand, increasing its awareness and loyalty to the new Ukrainian manufacturer, the fulfillment of all these goals later allowed us to sell the product to the more welcoming audience that has started recognizing the brand since that time.

At first, we tested more image content and sales through lead generation but we changed the strategy after the first results. Having left outreach advertising campaigns for recognition, we focused on conversions on the site and analytics of the client's progress through the stages of the funnel to the purchase.

Then, we fixed this strategy by connecting the contextual advertising to it. Having added 12 informative articles about the product to the site and having made some changes based on the results of the funnel analysis, we were able to achieve a positive result.

• We have reached more open-hearted and welcoming audience by retargeting through the promotion of publications to engaged users

• We have written and published SEO articles to increase the number of clicks to the site

• We have set up a chat bot in Facebook messenger to guide customers through the auto-funnel, thereby reducing the cost per purchase

• We have defined the most targeted audience with the lowest cost per purchase

• We have conducted the testing of advertising approaches to reduce the cost per purchase and increase the average check

• We have carried out daily statistics to regulate the results.
Subscriber growth is
Average purchase amount on the site is
Average selling price is
The number of sales is
03.2021 — 09.2021
Performance period is from
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