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Case: Cosmedix Skincare

Production for a distributor of an American professional skincare brand.
Performance period is from 11.01.2021 till 11.07.2021.
We have increased the recognition of our photos around the world.
Development of a unique visual conception

◦ Settling among the rest of the global distributors of the brand

◦ Increase brand awareness through visuals
What is done:
• A strategy for maintaining an Instagram page has been written.

• An analysis of foreign distributors of the brand has been conducted.

• Monthly selection of references for the visual conception.

• A unique visual has been developed.

• Approximately 4 photo shoots (photo shooting) were conducted every month.

Photo examples
It was important for us to emphasize the individuality of each cosmetic product with the help of light and props.

Every month 4 shootings were carried out which were domain-specific photo sessions and ones with models. Each frame was thought out taking into account the visual conception and selected references. The team selected the necessary props for each frame.

Playing with light is one of our features in this project. For each product we selected not only props but also a lighting solution.

For example, a cold and dark color was chosen for the photo of a night face cream.
От разработки стратегии до Production — наша команда знает, как решить самые сложные задачи для вашего продвижения
Our efforts were not in vain as the identity of the Cosmedix Skincare account became recognizable and attractive and the client was satisfied with cooperation with us.

The main task was to attract the attention of foreign accounts and publish our photos in their profiles.

This case demonstrates the importance of choosing the right strategy and creative imagination for the umpteenth time.
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