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Case: iOrtho
Treatment of orthodontic problems (issues) occurring to adults and children using Invisalign technologies
Performance period is from 5.10.2020 till present.
Our agency has succeeded in raising the profile of a dental center and aligners
Tasks are the following:
◦ To build brand awareness

◦ To raise awareness of aligners

◦ To reach the maximum audience in Kyiv city

◦ To drive traffic to the social media account and to the website

◦ To get leads for a consultation.
What is done:
• We have written a SMM strategy for maintaining the Instagram page

• We have picked up references for the visual concept (conception)

• We have developed a unique visual

• We have carried out an 8-hour photo shooting

• We have collaborated with bloggers

• We have developed and implemented a target strategy for launching advertising campaigns

• We have developed and implemented a strategy for engaging techniques in posts/Stories

• We give away on regular basis to increase engagement and the number of subscribers in the account

• We announce events in the account (Days of a smile) and get entries for them

• We develop and implement offers and special offers in posts and Stories.
Profile visual
The style for the Instagram feed was chosen to be discreet and concise. The target audience and the status of the clinic were taken into account. Corporate colors were taken as a basis, identity elements closely echo the logo.

In many posts we used photos of smiling people. This emphasis on a healthy and snow-white smile immediately transmits the information about philosophy of the clinic which is help maintain healthy teeth.

Part of the visual content is life photos of dental procedures. Looking at them, a potential visitor can estimate the work of a doctor and the high level of equipment. This also works for the benefit of recognition and distinguishes the dental center from competitors.
Our team knows how to solve the most difficult tasks for your promotion, starting from strategy development to its production.
The task of advertising
◦ Attracting users to the profile pages of the clinic website

◦ Attracting users to have consultations with specialists

◦ Conversion from consultation to aligner sale
What is done:
• Advertising offers have been formed and tested

• Publications for promotion from the feed in social networks have been developed

• Advertising campaigns and ads for current offers have been developed

• Developing and testing sets of target audience have been carried out

• Various goals of advertising campaigns and optimization have been tested

• Approaches in advertising promos have been tested, too

• Analytics and performance have been collected and calculated

• Profitability and return on investment (payback period) in advertising have been calculated, too.
Advertising banners.
Since the dental niche is saturated with similar advertising creatives, our main task in creating banners was to develop a corporate identity to increase recognition.

Using the guideline and corporate colors, we developed creatives in a minimalistic and concise style. In advertising banners offers and special offers were highlighted with accents.

Aligners were advertised using photos with mouth guards so that the audience could understand why and how to use them.
The average bid price is
Conversion from an application (request) to visit to the clinic is
The number of consultation requests per month is
2 975 064
The number of impressions (the number of times the ads were shown) is
890 868
Coverage is people
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