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A consultation of a surgeon phlebologist in Kharkiv and Kyiv cities.
ROAS is — >700%
Performance period is from 01.2019 till present.
Case: The Institute of Veins
Increasing the recognition of the clinic in Kyiv and Kharkiv cities

◦ Growth of followers and engagement on the clinic social media pages

◦ Receipt of records for consultations to the clinic's surgeons

◦ Identifying the best customer acquisition channels in terms of ROI
What is done
• A unique concept for the account was developed.

• An off-site (off-premise) photo session in Kyiv city was organized and conducted.

• A unique strategy for the clinic on Facebook and Instagram was created.

• Portraits of the target audience, their triggers and barriers were developed.

• The offers for advertising promotion were formed and tested.

• Engagement channels linked to a specific method of collecting applications were examined in detail.

• The scripts for processing received requests depending on the used communication channel were compiled.

• The structure of advertising campaigns which allows large-scale advertising activity in a limited geolocation has been developed.

• A large-scale testing was carried out, the purpose of which was to obtain indicators on the yield to the clinic and on the payback of a single channel.

• The most conversion attraction & engagement channels were identified and measures to increase conversion in other channels were also developed and implemented.

• A quiz was developed and implemented, the purpose of which was to conduct online diagnostics without managers' participation. Managers are connected only at the time of registration at the clinic.

• A scaling strategy was examined in detail, developed and implemented.
Profile visual
In the visual style we combined photos of the doctors from the clinic, the process of work and photos with a demonstration of varicose veins (that is varicosity, or varix dilatation).

For the target audience the most engaging thing was the photos of the result of the phlebologists' work (before-after) and a video format with answers given to topical questions by clinic specialists. With the help of such content it was possible to increase the audience's confidence in the medical center and form a positive image.
Our team knows how to solve the most difficult tasks for your promotion, starting from strategy development to its production.
Advertising banners
Our main task was attracting the target audience for a consultation to the clinic.

Photo shoots (photo shooting) were held the photos from which we used both in the content and in advertising banners.

But the best result in targeted advertising was shown by banners with vector graphics. The results were also influenced by the triggers which were examined in detail by the team of our agency.
As a result of the work carried out by the team of our agency, it was possible to increase the yield to the clinic from 38.7% to 72.4% and, therefore, to increase the total income.

The developed quiz helped us increase the conversion to an appointment for a consultation and reduce the time of the client's conversation with the call center.

By receiving feedback from the client, we were able to determine the potential visitors' needs and expectations accurately.

• Increasing the number of followers and increasing activity in Instagram account.

• We have raised awareness of the network of clinics in Kyiv and Kharkiv cities.
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