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Contextual advertising

Audit. Advertising settings

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Contextual advertising
Advertisements in the first lines of search engines. Users see specific ads based on their interests.
• Choosing the best type of advertising campaign for the tasks.

• Drawing up criteria for targeting the audience.

• Efficiency forecast based on the selected goals and targetings.

• Setting up audience lists and preparing the technical components of future remarketing.

• Building an advertising campaign, setting declaration groups, additions and extensions.

• Launching of an advertisement.

• Monitoring the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, carrying out optimization activities.

• Analysis of campaigns which we can scale advertising with.

• We think over remarketing.

• Analytics of received traffic on the site in web analytics tools.

• Edits, customization and corrections to increase conversion for the following ads

• Drawing up and miscalculation of the reporting for the last period.

Advertising settings
A kind of analysis that will help you understand the characteristics of past advertising activity, that is which ads worked successfully, which ones did not bring any results, what the client tried and what we could launch ourselves taking a look at all these features

Tasks in the audit are the following:

• Checking the results of past advertisements.

• Checking the settings of each type of advertising campaigns basing on the key inquiries, lists of negative keywords and optimization goals.

• Check for the presence of excludable places of ad view (display of advertising), for the presence of ads in mobile applications

• Checking the usage of various types of advertising campaigns.

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